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Wed Dec 9 16:24:44 CET 2015

One of my action items is to provide the introduction for Parts 1 and 2
of 30114.  (Note: Parts 1, 2, and 3 of 29500 have the same introduction,.
The introduction of Part 4 repeats this introduction but has a few more

How about this?

ISO/IEC 29500 is designed to allow the addition of extra data to OOXML
documents and to allow OOXML applications unaware of such extra data
to provide reasonable results.  ISO/IEC 30114 provides a guideline for
such additions and also specifies a collection of such additions.


2015-08-05 2:55 GMT+09:00 Rex Jaeschke <rex at>:

> As agreed to on the July teleconference, I have produced a new Working
> Draft, WD2, from the document that Murata-san has been revising, and which
> John editing in real-time during the London meeting.
> It contains all changes applied to make WD1 as well as those since then.
> There are more than a few dangling forward pointers to be resolved, and
> other cleanup edits that will need to be done, eventually.
> I just posted this same document to the LiveLink site as document N 317.
> Rex


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