Remaining OPC-related DRs

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This mail provides a list of remaining OPC-related DRs and
my analysis.

First, I believe that the latest WD already addresses DRs
listed below:

09-0280 OPC: Non-ASCII characters in Part Names
09-0283 OPC: Inconsistencies between Clause 9.1 and Annex A
09-0284 OPC: part-URI and part-IRI grammar productions
09-0285 OPC: Use of Terms "Part URI" and "Part IRI"
09-0286 OPC: The syntax of "references"
09-0291 OPC: Use of term "Unicode string"
09-0292 OPC: Space characters in part names
10-0015 OPC: Relationship Markup

We would like to hear from Alex for the last one
(DR 10-0015) although he is unlikely to argue against.

Second, there is a DR about the pack URI scheme.

09-0293 OPC: pack URI scheme

I thought that it is almost addressed by the latest WD,
but I was mistaken.  See my mail "The pack scheme (DR
09-023) is now historical!", available at

Third, we have a DR about handling of ZIP features.  WG4
basically reached consensus, but we waited for feedback
from Chris and John.  I think that we now have to rely on

10-0048 OPC: Processing model for handling ZIP encryption

Fourth, there are some DRs about digital signature.  They
are real.  I would like to handle them together with

11-0029 OPC: Do not copy text or schemas from W3C XML Signature
11-0030 OPC: Obsolete version of W3C XML Digital Signature 1.0
11-0031 OPC: Use official RELAX NG schemas from W3C

Fifth, we have some editorial DRs.  The last one can
probably be handled by deleting tables in Annex G
(Guidelines for Meeting Conformance).

12-0001 OPC: Correct Spelling of "relationship part"
13-0002 OPC: Issues with Conformance Guidelines


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