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Merry Christmas!

Here is my present for you.  I thought OOXML experts might like it.

I am reviewing the definition of relationships in OPC.  Let me report
some problems.

A) Circular definitions

"source part" and "target part" are defined using "relationship", but
"relationship" is defined using them.

B) Relationships and package relationships

In the definition of "relationship", the source is always a part. But
"package relationship" is defined as a special case of "relationship".

C) source is not always a part

In the case of a package relationship, the source is not a part but
rather a package.

D) target is not always a part

When the relationship mode is external, the target of a relationship
is not a part but rather any external resource.

E) Some terms are abstract, while others are XMLish

"relationship" is defined as a connection, which I call abstract.
Other terms "source part", "target part", and "package relationship"
are also abstract.  But "relationships part" is defined as an XML

Here is the definitions extracted from the current WD.

package relationship
relationship whose target is a part and whose source is the package as a

connection between a source part and a target part in a package

relationship type
absolute IRI for identifying a relationship

relationships part
part containing an XML representation of relationships

source part
part from which a connection is established by a relationship

target part
part to which a connection is established by a relationship


I would like to propose a rewrite.  Am I too worried?

relationship part
a part of the media type "application/vnd.openxmlformats

source of a relationship part
a part or an entire package with which the relationship part is associated
a file name convention.

a Relationship element in a relationship part

source of a relationship
the source of the relationship part containing the relationship

target mode of a relationship
either "Interal" or "External" as specified by the value of the
TargetMode attribute of the relationship

target of a relationship
the resource referenced by the Target attribute of the relationship
(Note: when the targe mode is internal, the target is a part)

relationship type of a relationship
the IRI value of the Type attribute of a relationship


a relationsip part shall conform to the schema .... after MVC preprocessing

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