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Sat Feb 7 11:00:14 CET 2015


I do not understand what is meant by "The sheet element with
localSheetId equal to the value of this attribute".  An
example of such a sheet element would be nice as part of
the first example.


2015-02-07 2:59 GMT+09:00 Chris Rae <Chris.Rae at>:

> This DR concerns the localSheetID attribute of the SpreadsheetML
> definedName element, and states that the attribute's meaning is unclear.
> After looking into this, I think the submitter is right and that it's not
> at all clear what this attribute is intended to represent. I've attached
> some proposed changes to the standard. A couple of notes:
> * I think that the example mentioned by the submitter is poorly chosen. It
> mention a "data source" and "external database"  - the submitter is correct
> that this isn't the defined name required for a SpreadsheetML data
> connected range, and really I don't think any mention should be made of
> external data as it complicates the example and isn't relevant. I've
> reworded it as such.
> * Revision records also contain defined names with the same attribute -
> they have much better descriptions. For example, in, the
> localSheetId is described as " An integer representing the id of the sheet
> to which this defined name belongs. This shall be used local defined names
> only." (sic)
> * I notice that Microsoft's MS-OI29500 implementer notes (
> already cover Excel's behaviour with this attribute - as the standard is
> not well-defined at all, many of my changes are from there.
> Chris


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