SC34 Bellevue: Sushi, children and Seattle on Tuesday

Chris Rae Chris.Rae at
Tue Feb 24 05:14:06 CET 2015

This is intended for those of you in Bellevue for WG4 meetings.

Combining four of John's favourite things, I propose that any interested parties come into town tomorrow night to eat Asian-style fish with my children.

I've made a reservation (for ten people at the moment) for 7pm at Momiji <>. It's an upscale Seattle-style sushi restaurant that I've eaten at many times. It does have some non-sushi dishes. This will not be paid for by me or Microsoft and, including drinks and tip, you can expect it to cost around $60-$90 per person. It's in Capitol Hill, which was once the centre of the "grunge" scene in Seattle and as such has a lot of bars and a busy nightlife. I can give some people a ride over after the meetings (although my car is a little small so they'll have to fold well) and the area is well-served by taxis or Uber for getting back to Bellevue.

I haven't really worked out an exact itinerary but it might involve plonking others in the world's sixth best cocktail bar <> for an hour while I collect child #1 from school and then join you at Momiji afterwards. There are plenty of nearby options for afterwards, although I may have to nip home briefly to help put a child to bed.

If you can let me know whether you're interested in this that would be great, as I can adjust the reservation accordingly.


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