Proposed resolution to DR 14-0008 ("SML: Specifying a Range in a Separate Workbook")

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Tue Jan 13 22:42:57 CET 2015

DR is here<>.

The standard specifies the notation of the external references index in section, "Cell references", as shown below (highlight is my own). So I think we should close this DR without action and report this information back to the submitter.



A link or external reference to a workbook is a reference that specifies the location of the workbook, including file or network path, book name, sheet name, and cell reference. Instead of writing the full file path or network location and workbook name directly in the f (formula) element, in order to make all external references more accessible, the workbook name shall be written in a Relationship part according to the Relationships semantic:

*      Type shall be set to,

*    Target shall specify the full file path and file name, and

*    TargetMode shall be set to External.
Additionally, in order to support the possibility that the external workbook is offline or otherwise inaccessible, a cache of the relevant sheet values in the referenced external workbook shall be stored within the referencing workbook according to §18.14.
This Supplementary Workbook Data part shall be the source part of the relationship that points to the external workbook as a target resource, and the Id of this relationship shall be referenced within the markup of the Supplementary Workbook Data part, using the externalBook element (§18.14.7).
The Supplementary Workbook Data part shall also be the target of a relationship whose source is the Workbook part (§18.2). The markup within the Workbook part shall reference this relationship Id using the externalReference element (§18.2.8).
Finally, a 1-based index referencing an externalReference within the collection externalReferences shall be written inline within the formula expression containing the reference to the external workbook. The index in this context shall be enclosed within square brackets, i.e.; left square bracket ([), followed by the index, followed by a right square bracket (]).
In this way, external resource files can more easily be accessed and updated.

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