Object elements for XAdES

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So, recommend making the same explicit allowance in OPC as in MS-OFFCRYPTO for placing a Reference element that specifies a digest of a SignedProperties element inside a Manifest element inside an Object element which has id=”idXAdESReferenceObject”, as specified at the very end of in MS-OFFCRYPTO?

Since at least MS Office and possibly others currently do this when using XAdES, it seems a good idea for compatibility.


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Miyachi-san (an attendee of the Kyoto meeting) agrees
with me.  We do not have to mention
<Object id="idOfficeObject"> but we should
allow <Object id="idXAdESReferenceObject"> as
a XAdES reference Object element.


2014-12-26 11:09 GMT+09:00 MURATA Makoto <eb2m-mrt at asahi-net.or.jp<mailto:eb2m-mrt at asahi-net.or.jp>>:
Dear colleagues,

ISO/IEC 29500-2 distinguishes Object elements having
Id="idPackageObject"and those not having it.  The former is a
package-specific Object element (see while the latter is an
application-defined Object element (see

OFF-CRYPTO introduces two other values of Object/@Id.  They are
"idOfficeObject" and "idXAdESReferenceObject". It appears that
"idOfficeObject" are used as containers of SignatureInfoV1, which we
is not going to be introduced to OPC.

Thus, it reamins to introduce "idXAdESReferenceObject" as XAdeES
reference Object in the revision of Part 2.  Am I correct?



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