Reminder: WG4 teleconerence

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Mon May 9 17:27:53 CEST 2016

I propose adding another (major) item to the agenda, “Review of 29500-1/-4:2016 Feedback”.


There were a lot of comments from Caroline and a few from Murata-san. I posted to this list my initial responses to each message from them. As we did last call, I’d like to go over these comments and my responses, and to deal with those few needing group discussion.


Processing these on this call will leave us in a good place to close out Parts 1 and 4 in Prague, for DIS ballot soon afterwards.






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Dear colleagues,


The next teleconference will be held on 2016-05- 10 (Tue/Wed), 21:00

GMT (US/PT 14:00, GB 22:00, DE/DK/FR/CZ 23:00, JP 06:00).


The agenda is shown below:


- Opening

- Roll Call of Delegates

- Adoption of the Agenda

- Approval of the Minutes of the Last Teleconference

- Administration

- Revising 29500-2

  - Definition of Relationships

  - Signature including XAdES

- Defect Reports

- Future meetings

- Any other business

- Closing





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