DR 10-0048

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Hello Murata-San,

Adding the WG4 as per our conversation. Does anyone have any information on DR 10-0048?


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RE: DR 10-0048

The end of the DR Log says:

2014-09-23/25 Kyoto F2F meeting:

There was a lengthy discussion on this. The result was that Chris reworded the tables so that we only specify the following:
* Things that are optional in ZIP, but are mandated by OPC
* Things that are optional in ZIP, but are not permitted in OPC
* Things that are permitted inside OPC files, but are not to be used by OPC implementations
WG4 seems to have agreed on the text. John and Chris are going to run it past some experts and see if we’ve broken compatibility with any existing files.
Unfortunately, I cannot find the reworded tables.  I digged
my e-mail archive in vain.  Some OPC experts in Microsoft
might have received the reworded tables if John and Chris
created such text and circulated it to them.

I can only find the draft before the Kyoto meeting.  It is in the
e-mail archve.


Indeed, this draft does not make clear which feature optional in ZIP is
mandated by OPC.

If we cannot find the reworded tables, we have to redo what
we did in Kyoto.


2016-04-23 2:58 GMT+09:00 Aarti Nankani <Aarti.Nankani at microsoft.com<mailto:Aarti.Nankani at microsoft.com>>:

Hello Murata-San,

What needs to be done to close these 2 DRs:

1.       DR 09-0293

2.       DR 10-0048



Praying for the victims of the Japan Tohoku earthquake

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