Trying to close DR-13-0014

MURATA Makoto eb2m-mrt at
Sun Feb 26 08:51:36 CET 2017

While I was trying to provide schema changes necessary for

DR-13-0014, I find some problems.

I wrote:

First, the prose mentions one default behaviour for

Part 1: §19.5.4, “animMotion (Animate Motion)”, attribute ptsTypes, p. 2611

The default behaviou is "Auto".  But there are

no schema changes for this.

Meanwhile, this disposition contains several

schema changes.  If I am not mistaken, none of the

schema change are accompanied by prose changes.

I guess that Chris changed either prose or schemas

but no both.

Details are available at!An5Z79wj5AZBgetoYOsZAGwc5HUpNg

My comments added to this document request prose changes.

I believe that we can close this DR if we incorporate some schema

changes (which I committed to the git repository and linked from the

above URL) and prose changes I requested.


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