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I am going to forward your reply to the WG4 ML.

Sure. I didn't send it on because, as a non-member, my posts automatically
get rejected.

I am wondering if I should replace "shall" by "should".  "Shall" implies
> that all existing OOXML documents not satisfying the constraints are
> non-conformant.
>  "Should" does not go that far.

I'm not sure if that's the correct interpretation but English tenses and
modes are difficult in this kind of situation where shall/should/must are
often used interchangeably. Really the constraint <-1 < x < 1 should be
added to the attributes to remove ambiguity, which is the real problem:
what happens for values > 1? "Values outside the bounds for the chosen
layout mode will be considered as…"

But shouldn't the descriptions for wMode and yMode be extended? Ideally
> with an example?
> I am afraid that I do not understand these modes well.  Could you provide
> a draft?

I can give it a go but it really needs someone from MS. Fortunately,
someone using my library already played around with the possibilities. See
the enclosed screenshot. This could probably be used as the basis for an


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