FYI -- ISO has updated their website

Arms, Caroline caar at
Thu Mar 2 18:44:47 CET 2017

I was just checking some links in LC's descriptions of formats and see that there has been a recent redesign of the ISO website.  

The theme for the standards section is now red rather than blue

URLs for standards are now cleaner: now resolves to 

The search options and defaults may have changed too.  Some odd things happened.

They have a box at the bottom of the search page --
   Full text search
   Search in the full text of standards using the Online Browsing platform

But they certainly are still not searching the full text of Part 1 and Part 4, only the metadata.  I searched for "SpreadsheetML" and it found 3 hits:
1. ISO/IEC TR 30114-1:2016   Information technology - Extensions of Office Open XML file formats - Part 1: Guidelines
2. ISO/IEC TR 29166:2011   Information technology - Document description and processing languages - Guidelines for translation between ISO/IEC 26300 and ISO/IEC 29500 document formats
3. ISO/IEC 29500-2:2012 -- Information technology - Document description and processing languages - Office Open XML File Formats - Part 2: Open Packaging Conventions

     Just FYI.   Caroline

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