DR-16-0022: Shared ML: Escaping strings in ST_Xstring

MURATA Makoto eb2m-mrt at asahi-net.or.jp
Thu Nov 9 01:54:52 CET 2017

>§, “ST_Xstring (Escaped String)” says:
>For all characters that cannot be represented in XML as defined by the
>XML 1.0 specification, the characters are escaped using the Unicode
>numerical character representation escape character format _xHHHH_, where H
>represents a hexadecimal character in the character's value.
>[Example: The Unicode character 8 is not permitted
> in an XML 1.0 document, so it must be escaped as _x0008_. end example]

> But it's not clear from this if all such combinations should be escaped?
> or just those in the range [001-031]. Excel itself handles such sequences
>  escaping the first underscore but unfortunately other consumers such as
> OpenOffice do not remove the escaping so I think this needs clarifying.

W3C XML clearly defines which character is legal.  We should
mention *Well-formedness constraint: Legal Character.*


Or, does this DR ask how we can represent a literal such as  "_x2345"?


2016-12-07 5:20 GMT+09:00 Rex Jaeschke <rex at rexjaeschke.com>:

> Here's a new DR from Charlie.
> Rex


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