Clause 8.5.2 (thoughts based on your online draft as of 1/22)

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Here are a few thoughts on 8.5.2

I would give this new normative subclause a slightly more helpful heading
-- perhaps Relationship Structure.

2.  Your 3rd paragraph is

The *target mode* of a relationship shall be either internal or external.
The target shall be an external resource exactly when the target mode is

I'm not sure the second sentence is necessary. It certainly reads
awkwardly.   If needed, it might be better as:
If the target is an external resource, the target mode shall be external.

3.  The last paragraph has a couple of problems.
a) In "unique within the relationships from the same part" I would use
"among" rather than "within" because "relationships" is plural.

b)  The first sentence is "The identifier of a relationship shall be a
name."  But "name" might suggest something like a "part name" to someone
who has just read earlier parts of clause 8.  I see that values for an
identifier are constrained to 'the xsd:ID simple type of the W3C
Recommendation "XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes."'  I checked this normative
reference and learned that values for xsd:ID must be an NCNAME.  I had to
look at the productions for both XML NCName and XML Name to really
understand what is going on at a conceptual level.  Your use of "name"
probably reflected that it has to be an XML Name, but that wasn't obvious
to me.   I'd like to find a way to qualify or expand on "name" in a way
that doesn't get too much into the weeds or find another term.  At find " An xsd:ID value must
be an NCName. This means that it must start with a letter or underscore,
and can only contain letters, digits, underscores, hyphens, and periods"
Could we take advantage of this less formal definition for 8.5.2?  Or could
we just use "string"?

The italics, etc. will need checking.  "The" at the beginning of the 4th
paragraph is italicized.

      I hope this helps.

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