DR 13-0014

Francis Cave francis at franciscave.com
Fri Sep 14 02:10:44 CEST 2018

Dear all

The following concerns outstanding issues in DR 13-0014 relating to 
§19.5.28 cmd (@cmd) and §19.5.4 animMotion (@ptsTypes)

Following clarification from Microsoft experts and brief discussion in 
today's WG 4 meeting, I propose that the following text be added to the 
description of @cmd, immediately before the Example, in the attribute 
table in §19.5.28 cmd:

    _If the cmd attribute contains an empty string value or is omitted,
    no command is issued._

In today's discussion we also agreed that the value of @ptsTypes in 
§19.5.4 animMotion should be constrained to the pattern "[AFTSafts]*". I 
therefore propose that the description of this attribute be changed as 

    This attribute describes the point type of _each of _the points in
    the path attribute. The allowed values that are understood for the
    ptsTypes attribute are as follows:

    A = Auto, F = Corner, T = Straight, S = Smooth
    UPPERCASE = Straight Line follows point, lowercase = curve follows
    Thus, the total allowed set = {A,F,T,S,a,f,t,s}

    The possible values for this attribute are_strings_ defined by the
    W3C XML Schema string datatype_ST_AnimMotionPtsTypes simple

    _[/Note:/ If the number of points in the path does not match the
    string-length of this attribute value, an implementation should
    either ignore excess path type characters or infer appropriate
    default path type characters according to the corresponding points
    in the path attribute. /end note/]_

I am unsure as to whether the Note should be in the attribute 
description table or in the new section § - see below.

I suggest that a new section § ST_AnimMotionPtsTypes is needed 
(preserving the alphabetical ordering of simple types defined in 
§20.1.10), and therefore subsequent subsections will need to be re-numbered. ST_AnimMotionPtsTypes (Animate Motion Point Types)

    This simple type describes the point types of the points in a path
    used to to specify the animated motion of a drawing element.

    This simple type's contents are a restriction of the W3C XML Schema
    string datatype. The string is restricted to match the W3C XML
    Schema data pattern "[AFTSafts]*", where the nth character in the
    string represents the point type of the nth point in the path that
    defines the animated motion, to be interpreted as follows:

Character Value
	Point Type Description



    Auto, straight line follows point



    Corner, straight line follows point



    Straight, straight line follows point



    Smooth, straight line follows point



    Auto, curve follows point



    Corner, curve follows point



    Straight, curve follows point



    Smooth, straight line follows point


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