2010-12-17 Status Update: Verifying 2010-07-19 Second IS 26300:2006 Amendment 1 Draft

Dennis E. Hamilton dennis.hamilton at acm.org
Sat Dec 18 05:22:25 CET 2010

Since my October 7 report, I have completed these work items in the
progression I described then:

 1. Complete JIRA Issues that I have ownership of, continue JIRA Issue
resolution review
 2. Create any necessary issues against ODF 1.2 CD05 to reconcile with the
adjustments made in ODF 1.0 Errata 02 for consistency and, in some cases,
improved language.
 3. Resume Trial application of the Draft IS 26300:2006 AMD1 for
determination of corrections for a new Draft AMD1.  

The trial application has been completed although further checking is
required.  The result of the trial application are available on Windows Live
SkyDrive at

There are an ODF Text (.odt) and an Acrobat (.pdf) version of the file,
which is named 

Now that I have completed trial application of the amendment to an editable
base, I will continue with the following steps:

 3.1 Verify that none of the changes in AMD1 collide with COR1 changes and
recommend adjustments if there are any places where there is an avoidable
collision in the AMD1.

 3.2 Make a version of the track-changed ODF Text document that has all
changes accepted.

 3.3 Compare the version in 3.2 with an aligned copy of the ODF 1.1 editable

 3.4 Note any changes that deviate from what was in ODF 1.1 and that was
meant to be matched as the result of the amendment.  Adjust the
change-tracked document as necessary to align.  Also note any discrepancies
detected this way that are to be either corrected in ODF 1.1 via Errata, or
via corrections to the amendment document.  Iterate back through 3.2-3.3 and
here as necessary.

 3.5 Once step (3.3) shows that there are no unadjusted discrepancies,
compile all of the changes that are needed to the amendment as part of
creating a corrected draft.  (There are about 40 defects in the amendment
text at this time, and the 3.1-3.4 process may identify others.)

 3.6 When a new version of the amendment draft is available, check it to
confirm that the identified issues with draft 2 have been resolved.

 3.7 Once we have what we believe is a clean draft amendment, the WG6 FPDAM
ballot can be initiated.

I will take what further issues I have found that should be corrected in the
ODF 1.1 text rather than the amendment and create JIRA issues for the OASIS
ODF 1.1 Errata into step (4) below.

 - Dennis

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Working Draft Resumes

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 4. Create necessary issues against ODF 1.1 to reconcile with the
adjustments made in ODF 1.0 Errata 02 (both parts) and with issues detected
as part of AMD1 preparation.  This will move to ODF 1.1 Errata 01.
 5. From OASIS Approved ODF 1.1 Errata 01, prepare comments to the balloting
of AMD1 at SC34. 

At this point, we would march forward with IS 26300:2006/AMD1 and OASIS ODF
1.1 aligned while the parallel staging of ODF 1.2 through JTC1 submission
and approval will be underway.

 - Dennis

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