Remote participation for WG6 meeting in Stockholm

Francis Cave francis at
Tue Jan 12 22:48:31 CET 2010

Dear Michiel

I'm not sure how easy it would be to run more than one Internet telephony
application simultaneously. When I have a list of those WG 6 members who
wish to participate remotely, we will have to agree upon one such
application in addition to analogue phone. If the majority would be happy
with something other than Skype, that's fine with me. Naturally I'm in
favour of using a standards-based solution where that is practical. 

Incidentally, I hope you won't object to our using Citrix GoToMeeting for
web presentations, because that is the service that ISO currently recommend
to SCs and WGs.
Kind regards,

Francis Cave
Convenor, WG 6

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> Dear Francis,
> FC> I don't anticipate any difficulties in having Skype and webinar
> FC> facilities available for remote participation in the Stockholm
> FC> meeting, but I will investigate and confirm.
> FC>
> FC> If anyone would need to participate by regular phone, rather than
> FC> by Skype, please let me know.
> great to have remote participation for the upcoming meetings, due to
> my agenda more travel is not always an option.
> I do have an issue with using an untrusted closed solution like Skype,
> allowing such an non-auditable application on our systems is not an
> option. I can participate over PSTN or preferably with your pick of
> proper internet standards based voice solutions like SIP or XMPP -
> which have wide band audio and the added benefit of IM and video as
> well.
> Kind regards,
> Michiel Leenaars
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