Remote participation for WG6 meeting in Stockholm

robert_weir at robert_weir at
Wed Jan 13 20:25:56 CET 2010

sc34wg6-bounces at wrote on 01/12/2010 10:08:19 AM:

> I don't anticipate any difficulties in having Skype and webinar 
> available for remote participation in the Stockholm meeting, but I will
> investigate and confirm.
> If anyone would need to participate by regular phone, rather than by 
> please let me know.

A speakerphone in Stockholm is probably the best bet.  We can have a 
teleconference set up, to which people could call or Skype in.  That 
eliminates the wifi connectivity/bandwidth risk on your end.  Also, the 
average speakerphone has better quality pickup than the average laptop 


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