Status update on ODF 1.0 errata document - CD04-rev07 ballot

Dennis E. Hamilton dennis.hamilton at
Fri Jul 30 01:27:39 CEST 2010

The ODF TC is now conducting a TC-internal eBallot on whether OpenDocument
v1.0 Errata CD04 Revision 07 should become a new committee draft (CD05) for
public review.  Revision CD04-rev07 includes some further adjustments since
the CD04-rev05 circulated on July 21.

The eBallot is visible to the public at

The current-revision document and supporting documents are available at
Beside the OpenDocument Text document, a PDF is also available.  There is
also a version that tracks all changes made since the Public Review of
Committee Draft CD04.

Finally, there is also an unofficial, trial application of the latest Errata
CD04 revision to the OASIS ODF 1.0 Standard.  That document also has
change-marking so the impact on the original text can be seen.  That
document, in PDF and ODF Text format, is available at

Further adjustments and corrections leading to further CD04 revisions may be
required before a public-reviewable document is approved by the ODF TC.  The
current revision and the changes since the CD04 Public Review may still be
of interest to SC34 WG6 as an indication of the progress we are making.
Your feedback is always welcome via the usual channels.

 - Dennis

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Dear members of SC 34/WG 6,

I have just provided an update of the ODF 1.0 errata document to the OASIS
ODF TC, incorporating our work since our last meeting.

Please excuse the late update, but still there are good news:
All remaining errata footnotes related to 'implementation-dependent' have
been incorporated into the specification text.

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