Problems of ISO/IEC 26300 in handling Kihon-hanmen

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On 6/23/2010 9:27 AM, MURATA Makoto (FAMILY Given) wrote:
> Folks,
> 15.2.21 Layout Grid is intended to provide "Asian layout grids".  Unfortunately, 
> it provides something different from Japanese requirements as described in 
> "Requirements for Japanese Text Layout", W3C Working Group Note, 4 June 2009, 
> available at
>> The exact 
>> number of lines depends on the other grid layout properties described below. There is no 
>> space between the layout grid lines. 
> No.  The number of lines should come first.   See (e) in 2.2.4.
>> There is no space between the layout grid lines.
> No.  See (f) in 2.2.4
>> The layout grid itself is centered on the page
> Just one way to do so.  Not good enough.
> See (b) in 2.2.4
>> both: Like lines, except that the lines are divided into square cells. The number of cells per 
>> line depends on the line height, where the line height is the sum of the base height and the 
>> ruby height as specified below. 
> Again, the line gap should come first.  Ruby should fit in the gap.  More about this, see note 1 
> in (d), ”2.4.2 Considerations in Designing the Kihon-hanmen", available at 
>> Within a layout cell, nor more than one Asian [UNICODE] 
>> character is displayed. Asian characters that do not fit into a single cell are displayed centered 
>> into as many cells as required. Non Asian text is centered within as many cells as required.
> This is a very common misunderstanding.  A note in the Japanese version of the W3C "Requirements 
> for Japanese Text Layout" is quite clear about this point.  It clearly says that "After you determine 
> the kihon-hanmen parameters, it is not at all necessary to consider the grid while positioning characters."
> It even says that the slit model is better than the grid model in understanding Japanese typography.
> Unfortunately, the English version does not have this note.
> Cheers,
> Makoto
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