Two reminders

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Wed Mar 10 14:27:27 CET 2010

sc34wg6-bounces at wrote on 03/10/2010 04:59:04 AM:

> I would like to remind you that:
> (a) OASIS announced a public review of ODF 1.0 Errata (SC 34 N 1379 
> – note that the title was incorrect when first announced) that 
> include responses to Japanese and UK defect reports (SC 34 N 1078 
> and N 1309).  This public review closes in four days’ time 
> (2010-03-14). If you wish to participate in the public review, the 
> full OASIS announcement with links to the stand-alone Errata 
> document can be found at:

Note that we (OASIS ODF TC) have the ability to accept public comments 
beyond that 2010-03-04 deadline.  Considering the meeting schedule of WG6, 
I'll propose to the ODF TC that we accept comments on this draft through 
the WG6 meeting in Stockholm.  In particular, as we dispose the comments 
on DCOR 1 this may introduce requested changes in DCOR 2, so it makes 
sense to keep DCOR 2 open until we fully resolve DCOR 1.


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