URGENT: Change to dial-in arrangements for teleconference on 2010-03-17

Francis Cave francis at franciscave.com
Mon Mar 15 12:35:37 CET 2010

Dear members of WG 6


I must apologies that, due partly to an error by ISO and partly to a
misunderstanding on my part, I have sent you the wrong dial-in instructions
for the teleconference this Wednesday, 2010-03-17.


ISO require that we use their own conferencing line for this call, and not
the lines provided by the GoToMeeting service.


It is important that you read the ISO guide for participants for information
on how to join the teleconference, and in particular for how to use the
call-back feature to avoid paying for any more than the initial setup call
to Geneva. The guide is available from here:
se> Participants Guide (http://isotc.iso.org/livelink/livelink?func=ll
se> &objId=8492945&objAction=browse). 


The dial-in number is: +41 (0) 22 580 3970


The access code is: 1973


Please ignore the list of phone numbers provided with the original
GoToMeeting invitation. However, the details of how to access the web
presentations for the meeting still apply.


I am sorry that it is proving troublesome to use the ISO teleconferencing
arrangements. In the light of this, and the fact that the Citrix tool cannot
be used on Linux computers, I will be giving serious consideration to
alternatives for future meetings.


Francis Cave

Convenor, WG 6

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