Font Issues in DCOR1 and Ballot Comments

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Francis and Murata-san,

To clarify the DCOR1 Ballot comments from the National Bodies of Switzerland
and Japan, I have made the following personal analysis:

1. I created a version of the ODF 1.0 OASIS Standard that has
change-tracking visible.  I applied the changes of ODF 1.0 Errata 01 OASIS
Approved Errata of 24 November 2008.  This errata document is the basis for
the balloted DCOR1.  (Because I applied the changes to an ODF 1.1 editable
form of the OASIS ODF 1.0 Standard, there are slight differences in the
pagination in comparison to the pagination of IS 26300:2006.  There is no
difference in content for these particular errata items.) 

2. In SC34 N 1388, comments CH 9.3 and Japanese Comments (2) on 9.3 (page
299, line 21), the desired change is illustrated in the attached

In the fifth paragraph under heading "Relative Sizes" of section 9.3, the
word "scale" is to be changed from the normal text font (Arial) to
attribute-value monotype font (Courier New).  This is in agreement with the
CH 9.3 recommendation and also resolves the Japanese Comment (2).

[Origin of the error in DCOR1: This is a production error in the OASIS
Approved Errata that has not been corrected.  (It should be corrected in the
current Errata 01 CD04 that will be the basis for a future DCOR2.  It is my
understanding that this would be done by an additional OASIS erratum that
corrects over the previous null-effect change rather than revise the
approved errata, in the manner Rob Weir described on the call.)]

3. In SC34 N 1388, Japanese Comment (1) on 9.2.19 (page 297 line 12) is
correct.  The erratum is intended to change the font used for the specified
words.  The correct changes are exhibited in the second attachment,

In the first paragraph under heading "Escape Direction" of section 9.2.19,
the words "horizontal" and "vertical" are to be changed from normal text
font (Arial) to attribute-value monotype font (Courier New).  The words
"left" and "right" are to be changed from attribute-value monotype font
(Courier New) to normal text font (Arial).

[Origin of the error in DCOR1: The instructions are correct in the OASIS
Approved Errata.  The discrepancy appears to have arisen somewhere in the
transposition of OASIS Approved Errata to the IS 26300:2006/DCOR1 format in
SC34 N1337.] 

 - Dennis

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4. Review of comments on ISO/IEC 26300:2006/DCOR 1

                Balloted document: SC 34 N 1337

                Summary of voting: SC 34 N 1388

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