ODF 1.0 References to [XSL] and DCOR1 Ballot Comments

Dennis E. Hamilton dennis.hamilton at acm.org
Wed Mar 17 22:13:02 CET 2010

Francis and Murata-san,

In the Japanese Comments on balloting of SC34 N1337 (IS 26300:2006/DCOR1),
item (6) refers to a Japanese defect report for which there is no correction
offered in N1337.  Although my thought during the call was that we were
using different versions of [XSL], I think the issue is not that clear.  I
have reviewed all of the materials and have this to offer as an unofficial

 - Dennis


The defect item that was rejected is N0942:30.  The item objects to a
reference to 8.8.4 of [XSL] in section 15.4.1.  

However, there is no reference to 8.8.4 of [XSL] in 15.4.1.  There is a
reference to 7.8.8 of [XSL] and that is considered to be correct.

[It is interesting that 15.4.19 has such a reference.  That *is* corrected
in response to Japanese Defect Report item N0942:33 (not N0942:30).]


This is the relevant statement in 15.4.1:

  "Use the fo:font-variant property to switch the option to display text as
small capitalized letters on or off. See §7.8.8 of [XSL] for details."

Where "[XSL] W3C, Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL),
http://www.w3.org/TR/2001/REC-xsl-20011015/, W3C, 2001."  This is Extensible
Stylesheet Language (XSL) Version 1.0 W3C Recommendation 15 October 2001.

Section 7.8.8 of that specification is indeed about fo:font-variant: 

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4. Review of comments on ISO/IEC 26300:2006/DCOR 1

                Balloted document: SC 34 N 1337

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