PROPOSAL: Making PDAM Text Look Like Change Marking

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There is a relatively straightforward way to take a full change-marked
document and transform it into a by section set of PDAM changes in the style
used in the IS 29500/AMD1 work accomplished by Rex Jaeschke.

This is a manual solution and it probably takes no more effort than an
imperfect automated extraction followed by a serious amount of manual
touch-up.  The manual case also recognizes the art involved in ensuring that
appropriate context is extracted and adequate location information for the
amended passages is prepared.  

In the case of the ODF 1.1 transposition, a manual process can also deal
with the fact that change marking is not provided for headings and in
alterations of automatically-generated section numbers using the tools that
were used to make the contributed trial 1.1 transposition and change marking
from IS 26300:2006.

Put simply, one can copy and paste from a PDF that preserves the
change-marking (which has a nice stability to work with as well).  When
pasted into a working document such as a Microsoft Word or
document, the change marking is brought over as actual decorated text, not
change marking.  This also prevents corruption and/or confusion with
revision marking that may happen in working on the FPDAM draft itself.  (One
can assist in avoiding confusion over the preserved change-marking and
revision-tracking in the FPDAM by changing the color scheme and markings for
revision tracking in FPDAM drafts themselves.)

I invite practice with the attacked change marking, although it is not of a
document text.  Document SC34 N1375_3 is also an inviting source for
experimentation.  In bringing change-marked text into an FPDAM draft it will
also be useful to clean it up where there is extraneous or oddly-chosen
change marking from the automated document comparison.  I encourage this,
and it should pass relatively-straightforward editorial review against the
change-marking PDF used as the base.

 - Dennis

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However, for analysis purposes, it is quite possible to produce
change-tracking documents that are often good enough.  I offer the
attachment as evidence.  (If the attachment fails to come through on the
list, let me know and I will put it where it can be reached on the web.)

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 I expect this crude change-marking will work quite well in looking
for changes between the ODF 1.0 main schema and the ODF 1.1 main schema.  

 - Dennis

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