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> I am wondering if we should also ask W3C to accelerarte CSS Text.

I am not sure what impact such a request would have.  If we want such a specification to be accelerated then I expect the best plan is for us to provide feedback on the specification to ensure that any problems are handled as early as possible.


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Dear colleagues,

I am very sorry for not attending the teleconference.

W3C has CSS Text.  Some features of an old working draft 
of CSS Text have been copied to ODF 1.0.  Since then, W3C 
has revised CSS Text and the copied features have been changed.
I do not know how ODF 1.2 handles CSS Text.

W3C has been very slow, but some experts are now working 
very hard for completing CSS Text in a very timely manner.  
This is because CSS Text is strongly needed for EPUB. 
I am wondering if we should also ask W3C to accelerarte CSS Text.

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