The ODF InterOp Demo

Dennis E. Hamilton dennis.hamilton at
Sat Sep 4 20:02:24 CEST 2010

On the 2010-08-18 Teleconference, I had remarked, as part of my reporting on
current ODF TC activities, that the then-upcoming ODF Interoperability Demo
seemed to be largely a ceremonial event (it being two hours) and that the
technical interoperability-confirmation work would have preceded the event.
Paul Cotton wanted to know how exactly interoperability is claimed
considering known problems such as the reported difficulties in making
interoperable implementations of change-tracking, something that came up as
an example of issues that have been raised.

On reflection, I think we should not confuse an OASIS InterOp Demo with the
kinds of efforts that are involved, for example, with the IETF requirement
for independent implementations to be confirmed as part of the progression
of RFCs on the IETF Standards Track.  (A feature of the IETF procedure that
has always struck me is that features that fail to achieve interoperable
implementation must be removed in order to advance specifications along the
track, although there is no particular stigma to not advancing while
specification repairs are developed and interoperability of implementations

Here is the OASIS InterOp Demo Policy:

Note in step 3, "The Proposal must clearly state ... whether any conformance
or interoperability criteria will apply or be tested as part of the event."
I found no requirement that there be any particular criteria.

I don't know what the details of this are for the ODF InterOp Demo, although
Don Harbison, the InterOp Lead said recently that there is a wiki with all
of the particulars.  My understanding is that the details will be available
for access and review at some point.

Here is the brief OASIS event description for the just-completed ODF InterOp

 - Dennis

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