Draft minutes of meeting in Prague, 2011-03-31

Francis Cave francis at franciscave.com
Mon Apr 11 01:14:36 CEST 2011

Dear members of WG 6


I attach draft minutes of the meeting in Prague, 2011-03-31. Please would
those of you who participated in the meeting review the draft and let me
have your corrections as soon as possible. Thank you.


With reference to item 9.1 in the minutes - future face-to-face meetings -
your attention is drawn to the decision of the SC 34 Plenary in Prague
(Resolution 25) to change the pattern of future face-to-face meetings from
four per year to three per year, at four-monthly intervals starting with a
Working Groups only meeting in February 2012. This means that following the
Plenary in Busan, Korea, in September of this year there will be a gap of
nine months before the next Plenary in Brazilia, Brazil. It is anticipated
that the Brazil Plenary will meet in two sessions at the beginning and end
of a week of Working Group meetings. A single-session Plenary is expected to
be held in London in October 2012, subject to confirmation of the invitation
from the UK National Body. 


Given the support for ODF and ISO/IEC 26300 in Brazil, am I correct to
assume that there would be support for a face-to-face meeting in association
with the June 2012 Plenary?


It may seem premature to be thinking about a face-to-face meeting in 2012,
given that we do not yet know exactly when ODF v1.2 will be submitted for
PAS transposition. However, WG 6 experts should bear in mind the distinct
possibility that a DIS ballot on the PAS submission of ODF v1.2 would result
in the need for a Ballot Resolution Meeting (BRM), probably no earlier than
February 2012 but most likely in the first half of the year. Depending upon
the timing and location of a BRM, we may have to consider arranging two
face-to-face meetings in fairly quick succession.


This is probably as much speculation as is needed for now, but I'm happy to
receive your views, if any.


Francis Cave


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