Ballot result: ISO/IEC 26300:2006/DCOR2

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Wed Apr 27 12:25:33 CEST 2011

Proposed dispositions of comments:


DE1: Accepted - replace '"Condition", page , line' with '"Condition", page
210, line 42'


DE2: Accepted - replace '"Extrusion Second Light Harsh", page , line' with
'"Extrusion Second Light Harsh", page 329, line 1'


DE3: Accepted - replace '"Extrusion First Light Harsh", page 328, line'
with'"Extrusion First Light Harsh", page 328, line 35'


JP1: Accepted - in order to maintain alignment between ISO/IEC 26300:2006
and ODF v1.0 it is proposed to make this correction in Amendment 1, and make
a corresponding correction in the ODF v1.1 Errata if necessary for
alignment. Propose no change to this Technical Corrigendum.


Francis Cave





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Dear members of WG 6


The result of the ballot on ISO/IEC 26300:2006/DCOR2 is now available from
the SC 34 document repository as document SC 34 N 1630. We will consider the
results under agenda item 5 of today's teleconference meeting.


In summary, the results are that DCOR2 has been approved for publication.
There were 19 approvals as presented, 2 approvals with comments, no
disapprovals and 7 abstentions.


We need to prepare a disposition of comments. Full details of the comments
received are in N 1630.


I can summarise the comments as follows:


DE: Clause 8.5.3 - page and line numbers are missing at: "Condition", page ,


DE: Clause 9.5.2 - page and line numbers are missing at: "Extrusion Second
Light Harsh", page , line


DE: Clause 9.5.2 -line number is missing at: "Extrusion First Light Harsh",
page 328, line


JP: Clause 15.4.19 mistakenly references subsection 8.8.4 of XSL - Add an
editing instruction to Clause 15.4.19 to replace a reference to 8.8.4 of XSL
by a reference to 7.8.4 of XSL.


I will review these comments and propose dispositions when we reach this
item in the agenda.


Francis Cave


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