Today's teleconference meeting - REQUEST FOR A POSTPONEMENT

Dennis E. Hamilton dennis.hamilton at
Wed Aug 17 15:27:16 CEST 2011

Either date works for me.

 - Dennis

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Dear members of WG 6


In the minutes of the last teleconference meeting (SC 34 N 1653), and in an email sent to you on 2011-07-05 it was announced that the next teleconference meeting would take place today, 2011-08-17. I must apologise that I have not set up a teleconference meeting for today and, due to a clash of commitments, am unable to convene today’s planned meeting. I must therefore request a postponement.


My proposal is to postpone the teleconference meeting to 2011-08-31 at the same time (13:30 UTC). Please advise me if this new date causes you any difficulties. The next opportunity will be 2011-09-14.


Francis Cave


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