Working draft of IS 26300:2006/Cor 2

Francis Cave francis at
Wed Jan 5 14:27:48 CET 2011

Dear members of WG 6


I attach a working draft of the text of  ISO/IEC 26300:2006/Cor 2. This is
based upon Part 02 of the OASIS Approved Errata for ODF v1.0 as submitted by
OASIS to SC 34 in a liaison contribution in November 2010 (SC 34 N 1537).


There are some minor editorial differences between the text of the OASIS
Approved Errata and this working draft, due to the different way of
presenting corrections in an ISO Technical Corrigendum. The effect of
applying these corrections to ISO/IEC 26300:2006 should, as with Cor 1, be
identical to the effect of applying the corrections in the OASIS Approved
Errata to ODF v1.0.


There are some editorial queries that remain to be resolved before this
working draft can be submitted for DCOR ballot. In particular there are two
corrections to Appendix B that will require clarification by the ODF
Technical Committee.


It is hoped to have this working draft ready for ballot within the next few
weeks. I would be most grateful if WG 6 members would review this working
draft and let me have any corrections or queries as soon as possible.


Francis Cave


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