Draft minutes of teleconference meeting on 2011-06-22 / Draft agenda for teleconference meeting on 2011-08-17

Jomar Silva jomar.silva at br.odfalliance.org
Fri Jul 8 00:17:34 CEST 2011

I would like to add to this discussion that we already have some
approved laws and directives in Brazil that references to ISO/IEC
26.300 to recommend the ODF adoption to store governmental documents.

The approved bills are from Parana and Rio de Janeiro states, and we
also have bills under discussion at other three Brazilian states and
also an ODF bill under analysis at our National Congress.

I've been working with most of the politicians involved with those
bills, and we keep here the recommendation of always use as a
reference the ISO/IEC standard, but if the decision is to adopt a new
number to ODF 1.2, I'll change my recommendation to use OASIS
standards instead of ISO/IEC on all future documents, and I don't
think that this is a good idea.



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