Teleconference arrangements for WG 6 meeting in Prague, 31 March 2011, 12:00 UTC

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Thu Mar 17 15:25:57 CET 2011

I notice the DCOR 2 ballot ends April 1st, the day after the WG6 meeting. 
This is unfortunate, since it means we do not have access to any comments 
on the DCOR and cannot use this time to discuss them. 

So considering that the DCOR and FPDAM are under ballot, and we have no 
other defect reports outstanding, I agree that the meeting could be 
shortened and started later.



sc34wg6-bounces at wrote on 03/17/2011 06:14:20 AM:

> Dear members of WG 6
> The teleconference line for the meeting in Prague is, as usual, 
> being provided by ISO. The dial-in details are as follows:
> -          Please call +41 (0) 22 580 3940
> -          Your PIN code is: 7629
> I have not received any requests for any changes to the draft agenda (
> SC 34 N 1563). Please let me know if there is any matter that you 
> wish to report upon or raise at the meeting. 
> On the assumption that there will not be a large amount to discuss 
> at this meeting, we may find it difficult to fill the three hours 
> allotted for the meeting. Given that a number of members will be 
> dialling in from North America, I suggest that we consider delaying 
> the start of the meeting to 13:00 UTC (15:00 in Prague, 06:00 PDT, 
> 09:00 EDT). We would still have at least two hours available for the
> meeting. I would appreciate receiving your views on this. 
> Francis Cave
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