ISO Meeting in Prague?

Francis Cave francis at
Fri Jan 13 23:27:25 CET 2012

Dear Svante

Happy New Year!

There won't be a face-to-face (or "corporeal" if you prefer) meeting of WG 6
in Prague. We are awaiting the results of the two-month FDAM ballot on the
Amendment. When the results are announced, I will decide whether or not it
is necessary to arrange a teleconference meeting to review any comments
received in the ballot and prepare a disposition. A date of 2012-02-01 at
13:00 UTC has been provisionally set for the next teleconference meeting.

Kind regards,


Francis Cave

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> Dear Francis,
> I am considering to participate on the ISO Meeting in Prague and would
> be curious if and when the WG 6 meeting might take place.
> If there is room for any choice I would love to have it at the end of
> the week as week-end after is an XML conference I plan to attend.
> Best regards,
> Svante

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