Teleconference meeting at 13:00 UTC on 2012-02-01 - REMINDER AND DRAFT AGENDA

Francis Cave francis at
Wed Jan 25 22:38:59 CET 2012

Dear members of SC 34/WG 6


You are reminded that a date was provisionally announced for a
teleconference meeting at 13:00 UTC on 2012-02-01. The primary business of
this meeting is to review the results of the FDAM ballot of ISO/IEC
26300:2006/Amd 1. 


The Danish National Body has requested that the following item be on the
agenda for discussion at this meeting: the idea of requesting that ITTF
publish a "consolidated reprint" of ISO/IEC 26300:2006 and Amd 1. Since this
is an idea that was also suggested by ITTF last year, but was not followed
up, I think it would be beneficial to have this item on the agenda, so that
I can brief Working Group members on the rationale behind not pursuing this
option up to this point. You are reminded that this Working Group cannot
make any decisions about this matter, but I think that it would be
beneficial for experts to hear the arguments for and against the idea.


I attach a draft agenda. 


Instructions for participating in the teleconference, using the ISO WebEx
service, will be issued separately.


Francis Cave




2012-02-01, 13:00-14:00 UTC


1. Roll-call of participants


2. Approval of agenda (this document)


3. Confirmation of minutes of teleconference meeting on 2011-09-14


4. Matters arising / Review of actions


4.1 (Item 4) The Convenor to suggest to ITTF that they review the publishing
systems and methods employed by other SDOs

4.2 (Item 7) The Convenor to make inquiries of SC 22 and SC 29 regarding
their policies for the maintenance, stabilization and withdrawal of multiple
editions of standards.


5. Review of results of FDAM ballot of ISO/IEC 26300:2006/Amd 1


6. Progress Report from OASIS ODF TC on ODF v1.2 and ODF Next


7. Other maintenance business (e.g. defect reports, amendment proposals)


7.1 Discussion of suggestion of the Danish National Body: to propose to ITTF
to publish a "consolidated reprint" of ISO/IEC 26300:2006, including
Technical Corrigenda, and Amd 1 (if approved)


8. Future meeting dates


9. Any other business


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