Cancellation of 2012-03-28 Meeting Recommended

Dennis E. Hamilton dennis.hamilton at
Wed Mar 21 23:22:13 CET 2012

Unless there is any business other than the pending ODF 1.1 Errata 01 (IS 26300 AMD alignment edition), I recommend that the call for March 28 be cancelled.

It is going to take me two drafts, at least to complete the Errata 01 where it is valuable to have SC34 WG6 review.  While the long overdue WD03 may be ready by March 28, I don't expect it to be useful to spend call time on it.

I recommend Wednesday, April 25, as an alternative, on the same call schedule.

 - Dennis

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Dear members of WG 6


I attach draft minutes of yesterday’s teleconference meeting. Please advise of any corrections that need to be made.


Please note that the next teleconference meeting will be at 13:00 UTC on 2012-03-28. I believe that, with daylight saving starting in North America and Europe on 2012-03-25, this is equivalent to 06:00 PST, 14:00 BST in the UK, 15:00 in continental Europe, and 22:00 in Japan.


Francis Cave


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