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The ODT version of the file is the preceding revision at the same document description page.

 - Dennis

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This is a PDF of the ODT of the same name. Some may find it more convenient for use in review. 
-- Mr. Dennis Hamilton 
Document Name: ODF 1.1 Errata 01 WD04 (PDF) <http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/office/document.php?document_id=46066> 


>From the document properties description:

ODF 1.1 Errata 01 is designed to provide alignment with ODF 1.0 Errata 01,
ODF 1.0 Errata 02, IS 26300:2006 COR1, COR2, and AMD1.

Working Draft 04 contains the Errata items that align ODF 1.1 with IS
26300:2006/COR1 (ODF 1.0 Errata 01), COR2 (ODF 1.0 Errata 02) and those
change in IS 26300:2006/AMD1 that did not originate in ODF 1.0 Errata. 
Although much of the editorial content remains to be completed, the changes
in Section 2 are suitable for review and verification. 
OpenDocument-v1.1-Mocked-Errata-wd04-2012-05-18-1517.odt is the
accompanying WD04 modification of the ODF 1.1 specification with mock
application of tracked-changes. That document may be helpful in review and
verification of completeness and accuracy of the changes. 

The only other changes that may occur in Section 2 are completion of
references to corresponding issues and addition of post-AMD1 issues that
are identified for ODF 1.1. 
Download Latest Revision <http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/office/download.php/46066/latest/OpenDocument-v1.1-errata-01-wd04-2012-05-18-1517-dh.pdf> 
Public Download Link <http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/document.php?document_id=46066&wg_abbrev=office> 


Submitter: Mr. Dennis Hamilton
Group: OASIS Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) TC
Folder: Miscellaneous
Date submitted: 2012-05-20 22:51:03
Revision: 5

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