Verifying AMD1 against ODF 1.1 (with COR1+COR2)

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Hi Dennis,

thanks a lot, it makes sense to me now. Let's find out who within WG6
can contribute, so we can divide the labour.


DEH> Michiel,
DEH> I offer this to help understanding of what the ODF 1.1 Mocked
DEH> Errata 01 document is, in contrast to how AMD1 applies to IS
DEH> 26300:2006:
DEH> The ODF 1.1 Mocked Errata 01 document with the indicated changes
DEH> is meant to be technically identical to IS 26300 with COR1, COR2,
DEH> and AMD1.  However those changes are against a version of ODF 1.0
DEH> that became IS 26300:21006.
DEH> The ODF 1.1 Mocked Errata 01 consists of changes to ODF 1.1 to
DEH> achieve the same alignment.
DEH> For that reason, many changes introduced by AMD1 are not reflected
DEH> in WD04, because ODF 1.1 already had the text to which an AMD1
DEH> change aligns.  When checking AMD1 instructions against the ODF
DEH> 1.1 Mocked Errata, you will usually see no corresponding change
DEH> marking in the Mocked Errata, but the text that is there is in
DEH> alignment with the AMD1 instructions.
DEH> I believe the most important contribution that WG6 participants
DEH> can make is to confirm that the AMD1 instructions are implemented
DEH> in ODF 1.1 Mocked Errata 01.  There will be a few deviations,
DEH> shown in the Appendix of the WD04 ODF 1.1 Errata 01 document, not
DEH> in the Mocked Errata document.  There will also be a few more that
DEH> take a little more work to figure out.  These are not reflected in
DEH> the WD04 draft yet.  They are all in Section 17 of the
DEH> specification and in the References.  There will also be a few
DEH> items in the WD04 drafts that are repair defects in ODF 1.1 since
DEH> AMD1 was produced.  These will all be identified in an Appendix
DEH> also.
DEH>  - Dennis
DEH>  There is a way to make this work even better.  It just occurred
DEH> to me.  There is no barrier to identifying, using a different form
DEH> of markup, where in an ODF 1.1 Mocked Errata 01 there is text that
DEH> already agrees with changes in AMD1.  This has nothing to do with
DEH> the production of ODF 1.1 Errata 01, something the ODF TC must
DEH> attend to.  It would make it easier for all of us to confirm that
DEH> the technical convergence is occurring.
DEH> It would make it easier for observers to see that the
DEH> corresponding part of ODF 1.1 has been checked as being in
DEH> agreement.
DEH> If someone were to do this, even if severable people divided up
DEH> AMD1 and did highlightings in the ODF 1.1 Mocked Errata 01
DEH> document, I am willing to add those into a future draft (WD05 or
DEH> WD06) by copy and paste.
DEH> My recommendation is that highlighting be used over those passages
DEH> that agree with the instructions in AMD1. Do not use font
DEH> coloring, because there may be need to overlap a place where font
DEH> coloring and underlines/strikethroughs have already been used.
DEH> There is a highlight color named "Yellow 1" that is quite light
DEH> and a bit greenish on my monitor that seems to work well.
DEH> If anyone undertakes this, it would be good to know what parts of
DEH> AMD1 have been verified in this manner so that others don't
DEH> duplicate the same work.
DEH> I am willing to provide this myself, but I would not do so until
DEH> *after* WD06 was available and the ODF TC could be continuing its
DEH> part of the effort in parallel.  
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DEH> Submitter's message
DEH> This is a PDF of the ODT document of the same name. Some may find
DEH> this more convenient for review and checking. -- Mr. Dennis
DEH> Hamilton Document Name: ODF v1.1 Mocked Errata 01 WD04 (PDF)
DEH> <> 
DEH> ________________________________
DEH> Description
DEH> From the Document Description property:
DEH> This is a modification of the ODF 1.1 OASIS Standard showing mocked
DEH> tracked-changes modifications in accordance with the corresponding
DEH> OASIS ODF 1.1 Errata 01 Working Draft.
DEH> The Errata items from ODF 1.1 Errata 01 are introduced in this
DEH> text as simulated change tracking. The tracked-changes feature of
DEH> the ODF document is not used. The appearance of change tracking is
DEH> by editing of the text to have the appearance that tracked changes
DEH> would have, if carried out using the style of ODF 1.1 Errata 01.
DEH> Working Draft 04 reflects transposition of IS 26300:2006/COR1 (ODF
DEH> 1.0 Errata 01), COR2 (ODF 1.0 Errata 02), and IS 26300:2006/AMD1
DEH> changes in which additional ODF 1.1 Errata were detected. This WD
DEH> will only be revised further only to correct errors in this
DEH> transposition and for additional post-AMD1 Errata items identified
DEH> for the completed ODF 1.1 Errata 01. 
DEH> For further details, consult the latest ODF 1.1 Errata 01 Working
DEH> Draft editions. Those will identify the version of these mock
DEH> changed-tracked documents that correspond to them. 
DEH> Download Latest Revision
DEH> <>
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DEH> ________________________________
DEH> Submitter: Mr. Dennis Hamilton
DEH> Group: OASIS Open Document Format for Office Applications
DEH> (OpenDocument) TC Folder: Miscellaneous
DEH> Date submitted: 2012-05-20 22:35:33
DEH> Revision: 4
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