Preparation of change-tracked text of IS 26300:2006 + COR1, COR2 and AMD1

Francis Cave francis at
Sun Nov 25 21:59:02 CET 2012

Dear members of WG 6


At the suggestion of Dennis Hamilton he and I are preparing a
changed-tracked text of IS 26300 with COR1, COR2 and AMD1 applied. This will
be issued as an informal working document to WG 6 members only, to assist
technical experts in two ways:


(a) in the review of any future defect reports and the effect of any
consequent corrections;


(b) In the revision of existing translations of IS 26300:2006, to take
account of the corrections and revisions contained in COR1, COR2 and AMD1.


When the first draft of this informal working document is circulated, I
would appreciate assistance from WG 6 experts in checking that the changes
in COR1, COR2 and AMD1 have been correctly applied to the text of the
standard as published in 2006.


Your attention is drawn to the fact that ITTF has recently made the separate
texts of COR1, COR2 and AMD1 available to be downloaded freely in PDF format
from the ITTF website. See 


In the course of preparing the  change-tracked text, I have already
identified a number of editorial issues, mostly minor but some conceivably
less so. A list will be posted to this mailing list in due course, for
consideration at the next WG 6 teleconference meeting. This may justify the
scheduling of a teleconference meeting sooner rather than later, to discuss
what action, if any, should be taken to address any new issues.


If any experts have themselves identified issues in the current (amended)
text, but have not so far reported these (presumably because they are
considered to be rather minor editorial issues), I would be most grateful if
you could report these now, so that a consolidated list of issues can be
prepared for consideration at one time.


Francis Cave


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