Possible postponement of next teleconference meeting of WG 6

Francis Cave francis at franciscave.com
Fri Sep 14 02:14:55 CEST 2012

Dear members of WG 6


Dennis Hamilton has advised me that he needs more time to complete the work
on the ODF v1.1 Errata. There seems little point discussing this work until
we know exactly what impact it has upon ISO/IEC 26300 and Amendment 1, so I
favour a postponement - unless there is any other business that WG 6 members
wish to raise, and were hoping to do so on 2012-09-26.


The next available date for a teleconference meeting - following the current
pattern of meeting on Wednesdays when there is no conflicting OASIS ODF OIC
call - would be 2012-10-24. Unfortunately I already have a commitment on


You are reminded that there are Working Group and Plenary meetings of SC 34
in London, 2012-10-15/19. WG 6 will not be meeting in London. I shall
obviously be attending the London meetings, and I will be happy to meet
informally any members of WG 6 who are in London for those meetings.


If you wish the meeting  on 2012-09-26 to go ahead, please respond to this
email by 2012-09-19. Otherwise I will arrange with Dennis Hamilton for a
postponement either to 2012-10-24 or to a later Wednesday if he needs a
longer postponement.


Kind regards,


Francis Cave


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