Comment on 1.6 of 26300

MURATA Makoto eb2m-mrt at
Sat Jul 20 11:41:42 CEST 2013

Since reviewers of the ODF JIS are tough, I need
help from you guys.

1.6 of 26300 (as corrected and amended by CORs and an AMD),
has a para shown below:

In addition, ODF processors shall ignore all element children ([RNG]
section 5, Data Model) of ODF-defined elements that are strings
consisting entirely of whitespace characters and which do
not satisfy a pattern of the ODF schema definition for the element.

First, what is an "ODF processor"?  It is never defnied.

Second, what is "element children" as defined in RELAX NG?  The
only term I can find is "an  ordered  sequence  of  zero  or
more  children;  each  child  is  either  an  element  or  a
non-empty  string;  the sequence never contains two consecutive

Third, but technically most importantly, "do not satisfy a pattern" is
at least misleadnig.  If it is reworded as "do not match a pattern",
it would be technically correct.   But it continues to be very
misleading, since readers are required to tell the difference between
"week match" and "match" in RELAX NG.  Wait.  We can
consider matching only for a sequence.  Not for a string in a


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