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2013/7/21 Dennis E. Hamilton <dennis.hamilton at>:
> Processor is used in other parts of the ODF 1.0/1.1 specifications.  It is not formally defined, however.  Processing is used (i.e., document processing, white-space processing, etc.)  That might be the preferable term, as Patrick suggests.

In many cases, "processor" is used as part of "word processor".

> Before you ask that the passage be deleted, it would be useful to review what it replaced.  It refers to a condition on "element content" that is an XML notion, but that is not determined when there is no DTD.  Since RNG is used for the schema, there needs to be some other means of determining when such white space can always be ignored.  I appeal to your wisdom concerning RNG to determine what is an equivalent provision.

When I read ODF 1.0, I thought that the section about whitespace
is useless and should be simply deleted.  I still think so.

I do not understand why ODF should say something about
behaviours of XML processors.  I also think that most ODF
implementations will not rely on RELAX NG or NVDL validation
at run time and thus specifying whitespace processing in terms
of validation is also useless.  ODF application programs may
or may not remove some whitespace text chunks when there are
sibling elements.  I do not understand why the ODF spec should tie
the hands of implementors here.  The choice (i.e., remove or
not to  remove) has nothing to do with interoperability of ODF documents.


>  - Dennis
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> Another reviewer pointed out that "ODF" appears only in
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