9.2.5 in 26300 as corrected and amended so far

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I believe the observation about circles is correct.  There is a single radius and single center, so circles are the only ellipses that can be used [;<).

In ODF 1.2 there are no such statements except for draw:sharpness.  The draw:sharpness description specifies the inner single-center ellipse and defines the percentage by which the inner radius is less than the outer radius of the regular polygon.  That is, the language is equivalent to that in ODF 1.0/1.1, although it arises in only one place.

A defect report suggesting that "ellipse" be replaced by "circle" would be useful.

 - Dennis

PS: This ODF 1.2 JIRA Issue from 2009 may be of interest: 
It is possible that there remains a discrepancy with regard to the way the shape of the regular polygon is specified.

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Dear colleagues,

Another reviewer of the JIS ODF 1.1 draft asked why
an ellipse rather than a circle in the para (shown below)
in "Concave" in 9.2.5.

  The draw:concave attribute specifies whether the
  polygon is convex or concave. For a convex polygon,
  the polygon corners are located on a single ellipse
  which has its center in the center of the polygon.
  In a concave polygon, two such ellipses are required,
  and corners that are located next to each other are
  located on different ellipses. An example for a convex
  polygon is a hexagon. An example for a concave
  polygon is a star. For concave polygons, an additional
  draw:sharpness attribute is required.

I'm afraid that I do not understand this paragraph well.
Please enlighten me.

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