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It appears that the third sentence can be omitted.  (It does not appear in ODF 1.2.)

Here is my interpretation of the second sentence:

 1. If there is a text:cond-style-name attribute, it identifies a conditional style.

 2. When there is a text:cond-style-name attribute and a text:style-name attribute is present, the text:style-name attribute value will be a reference to the style that the conditional style determines to be applicable.  That is, at the point the ODF document was produced in its persistent format, text:style-name value names the style that the conditional style determines to be the applicable style. 

This is not the only place in the ODF format where an attribute (or element content) is determined by some conditional process and reflected in the state of the persistent document.  This simplifies the on-load presentation of the document by a consumer, and it may have other useful applications.  

In the ODF 1.0/1.1/1.2 schemas, both text:cond-style-name and text:style-name are optional attributes in the set of common paragraph attributes.  In ODF 1.2, the description of text:cond-style-name specifies that a text:style-name should be present when a text:cond-style-name is present.  In ODF 1.0/1.1, the description of text:cond-style-name specifies what the value of text:cond-style-name is, implying that it will be present.

 - Dennis

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Dear colleagues,

Triggered by another comment on the JIS ODF 1.1 draft,
I am reading the second para of 4.1.3 Common Paragraph
Elements Attributes.  I do not understand this para (esp. the
the 2nd and 3rd sentences) well.  Please enlighten me.

	A text:style-name attribute references a paragraph style,
	while a text:cond-style-name attribute references a
	conditional-style, that is, a style that contains
	conditions and maps to other styles (see section
	14.1.1). If a conditional style is applied to a paragraph,
	the text:style-name attribute contains the name of the
	style that was the result of the conditional style
	evaluation, while the conditional style name itself is the
	value of the text:cond-style-name attribute. This XML
	structure simplifies [XSLT] transformations because XSLT
	only has to acknowledge the conditional style if the
	formatting attributes are relevant. The referenced style
	can be a common style or an automatic style.

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