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Thu May 2 14:36:30 CEST 2013

Dear members of SC 34/WG 6


Further to recent emails about ODF 1.1 Errata, it is probably worth bringing
you up to date on other matters.


ODF 1.2


I understand that it is still the intention of OASIS to submit ODF 1.2 to
JTC 1 under the PAS procedure, but preparation for this has taken
considerably longer than originally anticipated. 


You are reminded that, under current JTC 1 rules, a PAS submission is
circulated for a five-month DIS ballot, and in the event of there being
significant comments and a Ballot Resolution Meeting, a further two-month
FDIS ballot after that. Both ballots are conducted by JTC 1 under the
combined voting procedure, allowing all ISO and IEC members to vote and
comment. According to JTC 1 Standing Document 9: Guide to PAS Transposition,
the total elapsed period between submission and final approval for
publication will therefore normally be between seven and eleven months.
While individual expert members of WG 6 will undoubtedly be involved in the
PAS ballot processes, WG 6 won't have any role in the process until the
standard enters the maintenance phase, and this assumes that OASIS propose
(and JTC 1 approve) a similar maintenance regime to that we have currently
for ISO/IEC 26300. In any case this will not occur much before the middle of
2014, assuming that submission is not significantly further delayed.


SC 34 meetings


SC 34 Working Groups 1, 4 and 5 are meeting in Seattle, 2013-06-17/20. Your
attention is particularly drawn to the agenda of SC 34/WG 5 (Document
Interoperability), which will be meeting on 2013-06-17, for which a draft
agenda has been made available as SC 34 N 1905. The agenda includes
discussion of a Chinese proposal on "Determination of document
interoperability". If you wish to attend the WG 5 meeting, or any other WG
meeting in Seattle, your national committee that mirrors SC 34 will need to
register you for the meetings with the SC 34 Secretariat.


The next SC 34 Plenary has not yet been officially announced, but is pretty
certain to be hosted by NEN in Delft, NL, 2013-09-09/13, with Working Groups
meeting during the week. It would be good to have held a teleconference
meeting of WG 6 before the closing Plenary, so that as Convenor I can report
some activity. However, this will depend upon how quickly we are able to
move forward with responding to the ODF 1.1 Errata. My term of office as
Convenor of WG 6 ends at the next SC 34 Plenary, so SC 34 will have to
decide whether to re-appoint me or appoint a new Convenor. SC 34 will also
be considering the results of a review of the terms of reference for each of
its Working Groups (see SC 34 N 1863, N 1899 and N 1901), and the outcome of
that review will have a bearing upon the future of all the Working Groups,
including WG 6.


Francis Cave

WG 6 Convenor

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