Referencing Explanatory Reports for standards referenced by ODF 1.2

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Tue Jan 14 19:28:00 CET 2014

We've been working through the normative references in ODF 1.2 to ensure 
that we have RER's for each of our normative references, as required for 
any reference that is not to an existing International Standard. 
Fortunately there is a broad exemption for standards from the Unicode 
Consortium, W3C and IETF , since they are Approved Referenced 
Specification Originators (ARO).  But we have had a few others to track 
down.  So far we've completed;

1) ZIP
2) Dublin Core Metadata
3) The book "Inside OLE2"
4) The Blowfish encryption algorithm from the book "Applied Cryptography"

But there are two that we could use some help tracking down, if anyone has 
some ideas.

The first is:

[JIS X 0301] JIS X 0301:2002 Data elements and interchange formats -- 
interchange -- Representation of dates and times, Japanese Standards 
Association, 2002.

I believe this was added at the request of NB's.  Does anyone have a 
contact who could provide an RER for this?  Murata-san? 

The 2nd is:

[XAdES] XML Advanced Electronic Signatures (XAdES) (ETSI TS 101 903 v1.4.1 
2009), ETSI, 650 Route des Lucioles, F-06921 Sophia Antipolis Cedex, 
FRANCE,, 2009.

Does anyone have any contacts at ETSI who could help?


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