My notes re. discussion of DR 09-0040

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Hi Caroline - these were just my personal notes about what I had to do, on top of what you'd already written and what was in the minutes. Duly noted re. the ranges.


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Thanks.   I take it that these are to supplement what I put in my two e-mails, which are already in the log.

On the third point, I was not actually suggesting combining the ranges into one range, but concatenating (with line-breaks) the contents of the left and center columns to avoid the multiple repetition.

i.e.  for a single row to look something like

Latin Extended-A         U+0100-U+017F             hAnsi, with the following exception: 
Latin Extended-B         U+0180-U+024F                   * If hint is eastAsia, and the language of the run is either Chinese 
IPA Extensions            U+0250-U+02AF                      Traditional (BCP47) or Chinese Simplified, or the character set of
                                                                                the eastAsia (or eastAsiaTheme, if defined) font is Chinese5 or 
                                                                                GB2312 then eastAsia font is used.

You don't seem to have mentioned any of the substance Murata-san told us to expect in the forthcoming lengthy comment from Japan.  But its expected existence is mentioned in the minutes.

  This appears to cover things until we get details from Suzuki-san.

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From: Chris Rae [Chris.Rae at]
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Subject: My notes re. discussion of DR 09-0040

I agreed during the call to send my notes of our discussion concerning this DR.

Caroline thinks that the term "ascii theme", which appears in the proposed resolution, is somehow related to the issue of using ASCII in the high number range.
In DrawingML there is a very useful introductory piece that mentions font slots in general - it would be nice to find a similar place in WML to do this too (it may not be in the section we made all the changes in).
In the table there is exact repetition in several contiguous rows of the classification - Caroline would like to make these into ranges, instead of repeating the text.


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