Alex Brown alexb at griffinbrown.co.uk
Tue Nov 2 14:58:07 CET 2010

Jim hi

> As I listen/read the discussion on standardizing a view of the ZIP format, my
> understanding is that standardizing ZIP derives from preference and not
> specifically from policy.

I think I'd hesitate before making a clear-cut distinction, as in JTC 1 things are ultimately decided by consensus of the members (mainly, National Standards Bodies) and JTC 1 places no constraints on them in deciding those positions.

In this particular group we are several levels down the committee structure, and our assigned task is "establishing a firmer rationale for standardization of aspects of the 'ZIP'  format". If NBs had wanted to abandon the notion of standardizing Zip they would simply have let the ballot result of the failed NP stand. Instead they have initiated this study activity.

> How, per JTC1 procedures, do these stated points
> prevent using the PKWARE APPNOTE as an external normative reference
> within any ISO standard when used with the documented RER procedure.
> Seemingly, this would not preclude any other technology of independent
> origin from use by any standards committee in a similar manner of external
> reference.   PKWARE does maintain a number of established communication
> paths for raising questions and comments.  We have worked to provide
> clarification for any issues brought to our attention over the years.  While
> these new issues have not been previously presented to us ahead of these
> efforts to standardize this technology, we do look forward to assisting with
> these issues to ensure all uses of ZIP technology are appropriately
> addressed.

In the context of JTC 1 decision-making, I don't believe anything prevents a RER being a possible (and maybe good) ultimate way forward, and note that the US position was (and presumably is) to favour the RER approach over standardization.

However, rather than debate about conclusions now I am concerned to get a greater quantity of accurate information on the table in support of the activity we have been assigned ...

- Alex.

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