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Tue Nov 2 15:38:46 CET 2010

sc34wg1study-bounces at vse.cz wrote on 11/02/2010 09:58:07 AM:

> In this particular group we are several levels down the committee 
> structure, and our assigned task is "establishing a firmer rationale
> for standardization of aspects of the 'ZIP'  format". If NBs had 
> wanted to abandon the notion of standardizing Zip they would simply 
> have let the ballot result of the failed NP stand. Instead they have
> initiated this study activity.

We were given a scope, but not a predetermined outcome.  Within that scope 
it is perfectly reasonable to establish a firm rationale for recommending 
that an RER should be used when referencing the ZIP Application Note, 
since the RER/RS process is a permitted process within ISO/IEC 
standardization.  It is also within scope to provide a rationale for the 
standardization of a profile suitable for ZIP document packages, and that 
this profile standard reference the Application Note via an RER-backed 

Or are you, as Conventor, insisting that this Study Group may consider 
only one outcome, the same proposal that was just a few months ago soundly 
defeated by NBs?

Seeing that there is no consensus on standardizing ZIP as a whole, are you 
going to lead this Study Group forward toward things on which me might be 
able to achieve consensus?


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