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> > If ZIP is full of hidden traps for license fee, we should think about
> > creating an alternative standard.   ZIP is GIF.  We need PNG.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Makoto
> +1
> PKWARE haven't answered any questions on IP as yet,
> The ODF  seem to have fully defined what they require of us,
> presumably to stop them having to do it in ODF,
> it does leave us with that option.

For the record, although we have had a discussion on the OASIS ODF TC 
regarding the relative merits of referencing the full ZIP Application Note 
versus referencing a subset or profile of that specification, we have 
never expressed interest in moving to anything that was not 100% 
compatible with existing ZIP tools and libraries.  In my opinion that 
would be unacceptable to my committee.

Also, it might be worth refreshing ourselves on how patent disclosures and 
declarations work in ISO.  We don't interrogate vendors about patents in 
study groups, or at least not with any expectations of a response.  WG's 
develop specifications with normative requirements and then we ask whether 
_anyone_ is aware of patents that would be necessary to implement these 
requirements.  If any are raised, this information is sent to ITTF who 
then contacts the rights owner to see if they will submit a patent 
declaration using the "Patent Statement and Licensing Declaration" Form.

Finally, as I mentioned before, we might want to practice our business 
development skills and try to persuade PKWARE of the advantages of working 
in SC34.  For example, I assume that when Murata-san works with the EPUB 
folks, the first words out of his mouth are not, "I don't care about 
technology.  I care about the money". Let's assume, just for sake of 
argument, that there is more than one party in this conversation that 
cares about money.  So let's try to sell the idea of doing ZIP in SC34. If 
we can't do this, and just continue to antagonize vendors, then this news 
will leak out, and we will have a much harder time getting vendors to 
contribute specifications to SC34.  In fact, if this pervasive attitude 
were more widely know, it would probably impact the ongoing EPUB 


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